Beautiful rebel Helena Kailola Van Der Veer

Text by Steven Dahlberg

Photography Fred Homage

Helena Kailola van der Veer is a Dutch model famous for her work with Iris van Herpen, Elle and Levis. The beautiful brown-eyed brunette with Asian ancestry is well-known for a great personality and her Boho-chic look. Apart being successful and one of the best working models in the Netherlands, Helena has a dark side. She hates authorities telling her how to live her life, “it’s in the family she says, my whole family is like that.” I will always do the opposite. That’s why we love you Helena, you beautiful rebel.

Dress Zyanya Keizer
Shoes Saint Lauren, body Ferry Schiffelers
Dress Zyanya Keizer
Top and Skirt Ferry Schiffelers, Boots Isabel Marant
Shirt Maison the Faux, trousers Edwin Oudshoorn Couture
Dress Ferry Schiffelers, Necklace Fernanda Fernandes

Creative Direction & Styling Steven Dahlberg @ Angelique Hoorn Mngt.

Hair and Make-up Hanan Chahid

Model Helena @ Matt Faces