House of Salt by MARTAN

Text by Ellesca Helderberg

Photography Chavez van den Born

Designers Diek Pothoven and Luuk Kuijf, also known as MARTAN showed their collection House of Salt at The Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam. This collection was inspired by a true story of ‘The piano man’ The man  washed up in 2005 at the beach of Kent, wearing a soaking wet suit and tie. No one knew his identity, because he was not able to speak for a very long time, until he was presented a pen and paper and start drawing a detailed sketch of grand piano, when they first bring him to a piano, he played non-stop for four hours.

This story expose the paradox, how people handle ’the stranger’. This was the inspiration for MARTAN to design the collection. Fabrics soaked with liquid rubbers, prints inspired by the waves of painter David Hockney, constructions of laminated shells and silhouettes with drip off effects are highlights of the collection.