Hul le Kes

Text by Natasha Chayenne

Photography Chavez van den Born

Sjaak Hullekes, a Dutch designer that graduated cum laude at the Dutch fashion-school ArtEZ. He won the Dutch Fashion Award in 2009 and started his own brand, together with Sebastiaan Kramer, in 2007 called ‘Sjaak Hullekes’. Two years ago they decided to shut down their line and watch fashion from the side-line.

Now in 2019, the fashion-designer decided to present his new fashion-label Hul le Kes at Amsterdam Fashion Week. Why call it Sjaak Hullekes if only Dutch people know how to spell and pronounce it? We adore the new name because of the international and classic vibe.

But now more about the amazing collection. He designed and produced it in his own atelier in a small town named Arnhem, which is definitely one of the fashion-capitals in the Netherlands. Sjaak used old sheets for his clothes, some of the sheets are one hundred years old. He provided every single item with their own passport. The passport describes amazing details like how old the fabrics are or where it’s from. The vibe of the show was holistic as every outfit complemented each other and completed his collection. He used earthy colors, where the light colors reminded me of the sunny side of France while the darker colors gave me the feeling of the same lovely France by night. He used many layers but wasn’t afraid to combine different kinds of fabrics which gave the whole collection an extra dimension. But the most beautiful part of the show was definitely that the fabrics showed they had lived before.